How Cruise Casinos Are Different From Traditional Casinos

If you are planning a cruise and love to gamble, make sure to find a cruise ship with a casino in it for a better, relaxing experience. After all, you have lots of free time while you are out on the river or sea, and what better way to spend your time than gamble away at the casino? You can gamble while watching the water outside.

Keep in mind that there are some differences between cruise casinos and the traditional, land-based casinos that you are most familiar with. Read on to learn the differences and be better prepared for your cruise!

Cruise Casinos

Fixed Hours

Unfortunately, you can’t have the experience of playing in the cruise casino all night as you would in a land-based casino. Most cruise casinos open at around 7 or 8 am and close at 11 pm. You will also not be allowed to play when the ship is in the port.

However, you will be able to play when the ship is on international waters. Keep in mind that the casinos on cruise ships also open late, around 10 or 11 am when it’s the weekends. And, of course, it goes without saying that you need to be above 18 to gamble at the casino.

You May Find Some Interesting Casino Game Variations

Cruise casinos are usually well known for offering casino game variations that you may not typically find in a land-based casino. Make sure to give these variations a try, as you may not find chances to play them again unless you’re on the Internet to gamble.

Gambling is More Casual and Relaxed

Cruise casinos are very easy-going. They have low minimums, and people mainly come to gamble to have a fun time socializing and sipping on drinks. So, you might want to drop the competitive spirit and relax.

You Can Get Competitive

You will find all your favorite table games and, usually, plenty of penny slot machines that you can enjoy playing. Make sure to play with a limited bankroll and be disciplined. However, if you do like to gamble competitively, this is possible. You will usually find lots of high rollers after it gets dark.

You can also have a fun cruise experience by choosing a cruise line that hosts tournaments of popular gambling games like blackjack, poker, craps, and baccarat. You don’t need a huge amount of money to enter them. These tournaments offer some great prizes and rewards.

You Can Smoke in Cruise Casinos

If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you will know that smoking is usually strictly prohibited. However, the casino on the ship is an exception. Alcohol is also served. However, you may not get complimentary drinks or free drink service while you are gambling.

How You Can Cash Out

Cash outs are a different process in cruise casinos. You will have to go to the teller’s window and wait to receive the money. However, nowadays, you will find that some cruise ships are offering redemption machines that you’ll typically find in a land-based casino.

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